Well-written texts please the reader – benefit from it!

The internet age perhaps sometimes makes us forget that online texts are not only written for search engine algorithms, but also to inform potential clients about your company and your products. The ideal use of keywords (for SEO) in order to rank high with search engines has become indispensable for each and every online text. However, that does not mean disregarding the rules of convention and orthography is a good idea.

Even in times in which the book has become less important as a medium and streaming services dominate the market, your texts are still read by people – although in a less focused and less persistent manner. I will show you how you can nevertheless reach potential clients with your texts. There are different theories that try to describe the qualities of a good text. In my experience, some of the most important ingredients are:

• short, precise sentences which, through variation and a clever structure, do not make the text seem breathless and monotonous
• a sober, clear, deliberate, original, sometimes perhaps only slightly playful language style
• a tonality that sticks with your readers
• figures of speech that are easy to remember
• powerful headings and a clear text structure

On my blog you can see my German writing style. I will be happy to provide you with a sample text written according to your specifications and on the basis of notes and SEO keywords. If the texts have already been written, I will be happy to conduct a quality check for you.